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The goal of our policy is to aid the progress of science by early release and also allow Poplar Biomass Interactome (Xylome) Project participants to reserve a reasonable period of time to publish on the data provided without concerns about preemption by other groups. We are providing interactome data at the cDNA library screen, interaction sequence tag (IST) level and in many cases at the binary screen/retest level (http://xylome.vbi.vt.edu/Y2H_Protocol.html) with the caveat that additional testing through independent methodologies will be necessary to ensure the validity and physiological relevance of these interactions in planta. By assessing this data, you agree to not publish articles directly instigated by or primarily resulting from the interactome data provided on this web site prior to publication by the Xylome Project Team. Reserved analyses include descriptions of networks or subnetworks discovered by this project. However, studies of this type that are not in direct competition with those planned by the Xylome Project team may be undertaken following an agreement to that affect. Interested parties are encouraged to contact Eric Beers (ebeers@vt.edu) or Amy Brunner (abrunner@vt.edu).

The Xylome Project site may provide confirmation of specific predicted protein-protein interactions, additional support for a protein-protein interaction that users have experimentally identified independently or help guide further studies of a user's gene of interest and such uses are not restricted as described above. If data are used for publication, the following acknowledgment should be included: Poplar Biomass Interactome Project, Beers, EP, AM Brunner, AW Dickerman, RF Helm, C Zhao, E Petzold, X Sheng, B Chanda, X Jia (http://xylome.vbi.vt.edu/index.html).